Saturday, March 9, 2013

First court date in 10 days-prayers needed!

I am asking that you pray specifically for two things:

     * Pray that on March 19, 2013 the judge has everything he needs to confirm that our child is an orphan. Pray that all of the paperwork is on his desk and that this court date goes smoothly. If a piece of paperwork is missing or the judge feels that he needs more information about our son, it could be another few weeks before he looks at our case again. Once this court date is over we will be assigned our court date.

   * Pray that our court date is less than a month from the March 19 court date. Our case worker told me this week that she hopes that things in Ethiopia speed up before our court date. However, if they don't speed up, it looks like our court date won't be until May. My heart can not take this. I need to be with my son (like yesterday!) and it makes me cry every time I think about us not going until May. PLEASE PRAY that our court date is VERY soon after the March 19 date.

Here are some other things going on with our adoption.....
1. Our son turns ONE on Wednesday, March 13!!! We received a super adorable picture of him last week and he is getting so big. Our case worker told me that she took his picture around to show everyone when she received it because he's so cute and chunky.:)

2. Jeremiah and I received an unexpected, but fabulous (and much needed) e-mail this week from our case worker. No, we didn't hear any news about our court date, but we did get more information about our son's story. We received transcripts from the interview between someone from EthioStork and the woman who found our son. We also received the transcripts from the EthioStork and the police officer who helped the woman find a safe place for our son. We are not going to share our son's story on here, because we want it to be something held special just for him.
  After reading his story is made us feel 100% confident that God chose him to be our son. His story is filled with many "God things" and it gives me chills every time I read it.

3. I spent last Saturday searching for a "Happy Birthday" shirt for our little boy and I found the perfect shirt to send to our son. I bought a few clothing items and a little toy car too. I contacted a family who was going to Ethiopia on Thursday and they graciously offered to take the birthday package to our little buddy. We sent it over night to this family and it was supposed to arrive at their house on Wednesday afternoon. It made my mommy heart feel a little better about not being there with my son on his first birthday. Today (Saturday), I received a message from the wife stating that the postal service did not deliver the package until after her husband had left for Ethiopia. Ugh. I know that my son won't remember us sending him a package, but I wanted him to have something from us on his special day. There is no time to send the package to him now because his birthday is on Wednesday. Boo!

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