Thursday, January 3, 2013

Never far from our thoughts...

  When we first started this blog I said I was going to take pictures every month and obviously that didn't happen. I want our little guy to realize that even though he wasn't with us, we still thought of him during every special event (and actually multiple times every single day). I just found these pictures that I meant to post a few months ago.

*Olivia's first day of pre-school. She was thrilled to attend her first day with her little friend Ava.

 *Olivia and Daddy carved a big pumpkin together. Olivia bought a little pumpkin for brother and decorated it on her own. She was proud of herself! Olivia asked if we could keep the pumpkin until baby brother comes home. I had to tell her no and she was not happy about that!

 *We were number 2 when Olivia painted this pumpkin.

 *For many months we waited patiently for God to reveal our sweet little boy's face to us.

*Our Christmas season started with us being number 2 on the list....
 and on December 12, 2012 we saw our little boy's face for the first time. What a glorious day for our family!! I will post more about this day soon!

 *Olivia gave my parents and Jeremiah's parents a picture of baby brother for Christmas. This is a picture of my mom opening her gift.

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