Thursday, January 3, 2013

A little glimmer of hope!

***I wrote this blog post on December 11, 2012 after talking to our case worker. ***

Here are parts of the e-mail I received from our case worker today:

  "We had two new little ones arrive at TC today and their documents are in translation.  I should be receiving pictures and at least an idea on their history or medicals tomorrow. You and a few others will be matched officially very soon. "

When I received this e-mail I ran into the other room and told Jeremiah to listen to the e-mail I received from Alicia. I was SO thrilled to tell him about this e-mail that I forgot to actually bring my computer to Jeremiah so he could hear me read the e-mail. You can't imagine me doing this, can you?:) 
Our little boy is there. He is at the Thomas Center. He has a name and he is OUR boy! We don't know who he is yet, but she implied that he is there. They still have to do a few tests on him before he can be referred to us. Our case worker said they should start these tests by the end of the week and then the results will take 10-15 days to come back. I assume we will be matched after the tests come back (praying they come back clear!) and we are willing to accept him. 
You have no idea (okay some of you do!) how great it was to read the words "You will be matched officially very soon." I know by now that "soon" may not mean what I think it does. Soon to me means tomorrow and I know that won't happen.:)
My heart is filled with joy as I think about adding him to our little family. My heart is also hurting for my boy and what he has gone through during his short little life. Like I've said from the beginning, my boy NEEDS his mommy!

I can't wait to update this blog to let you know that we have been matched.

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