Monday, December 31, 2012

NYC wedding

  Jeremiah's youngest brother got married in New York City a few weekends ago. We had a blast with the Cox family in NYC.  The wedding was extremely fancy and it was like we were in a movie! It was incredibly nice to hear that some of the inheritance from Jeremiah's G-ma Cox paid for our way out there. We were able to hang out with Jeremiah's extended family and it was just what G-ma Cox would have wanted!
  Olivia was the flower girl in the wedding and she was just precious. She ran down the aisle and forgot to throw the petals. Then I motioned for her to throw the petals and she threw a bunch right at the end of the aisle.
  We had an awesome time dancing, hanging out, and being goofy with Jeremiah's family. It is a memory that we will never forget.
Here are some pictures:

         *Olivia enjoyed doing goofy moves and "striking a pose" while we waited for the bridal party to change. 

                 *The Cox family at the wedding.
             *The amazing ceremony/reception!

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