Monday, July 30, 2012 experimental mutiny against excess=must read

  After reading this book I said to Jeremiah, "I want to be best friends with Jen." I'm sure she would feel the same way after reading my blog, right? Ha! She is sarcastic, motivating, challenging, and hilarious. I think anyone who reads this book will feel the exact same way. She's real. From the first moment I picked up her book I couldn't put it down. I was constantly thinking about how she simplified her life to get rid of the excess and to glorify God's Kingdom.
  It was so sweet of Jeremiah to listen to me talk about every chapter of the book. Every day he would come home and say, "What did she do today?" I think he understood that I was energized and motivated after reading her words...this book has definitely changed me. I can't wait to share with you some very real and great changes that I have made. However, I'm not going to do that now.:)
 Let me know if you are reading this book. I would love to get together and talk with you about it.
 Jen's If you want to be best friends with her, just let me know..maybe you live closer to me and we can become best friends. That would be the next best thing, right?:)


  1. You crack me up! The book is no longer on sale so I'm waiting to get it from my friend, Caiti. Can't wait to read!!!!!!!!!

  2. Do you own it? Can I borrow it? Then we CAN discuss it!

  3. Loved this book! I read so much of it aloud to Brian, he feels as though he has read it too. Zach thinks I have gone crazy because I told him we are going to start applying some of these principles! Much like the author's children, Zach thinks that there is no way he can do such things!