Sunday, January 22, 2012

Moving on up...

As some of you know, our agency has not handed out referrals since June. I know it's not our agency's fault, but it just seems like such a long time. We've been number 9 on the waiting list since June. On Friday, our caseworker sent out an e-mail saying that they received one referral last week. Unfortunately, that referral wasn't for us...but I believe we are now number 8 on the waiting list! Yippee! Our caseworker said in another e-mail (last week) that she believes she should be getting in referrals over the next few months. She doesn't know how many or the age, sex, etc. but I think that's good news.
Jeremiah has remained calm during this entire process. He tells me that God is in control and there is nothing that we can do. I agree 100%, but I still stress about it. I's a shock. Me..stressing..never. Ha!:) While I have given it up to God and realize that He's in control, I still check my phone and e-mail a million times a day just waiting for some news from our caseworker. My heart is filled with happiness knowing that things are moving now with our agency and that one little child now has a forever family.
I've stated before that our agency told us the waiting period for a referral would be 3-9 months (after sending off our dossier). As of today, we have been waiting 4 months. I know that's not super long, but to me it's long enough. If he is born, he needs his mommy and daddy (and big sister too!).
Thanks for reading this post. I am excited to be moving up the list to #8. Hopefully you will hear good news from us soon! In the meantime...please keep praying for our little boy in Ethiopia. Pray that the nannies or his family is loving on him like we would. Pray that he stays healthy and safe until we can wrap our arms around him and smother him with kisses. Oh gosh..I can not wait for that day!:)

*Baby brother you need to come home soon so your daddy can play "boy stuff" with you. Your sister has been making your daddy dress up like Prince Charming and dance at the ball. While he loves dancing with your sister, I know he will be excited to do more manly things with you. Haha! Enjoy the picture below!

Also, I forgot to post some pictures we took on New Year's Eve. We were thinking about you baby brother! We hope you are with us to celebrate on our next New Year's Eve! Olivia wasn't very excited about taking this picture (as you can tell by the silly look on her face!:)).

Olivia is holding up 3 fingers to show that we've been waiting for 3 months. Your big sister can not wait to meet you!


  1. What a timely post. I was just thinking about you guys this morning and meant to ask you what the latest news was. Thanks for sharing the update. :-)

  2. I can so relate with your feelings here. We are in the process of adopting a second time and the waiting is just as hard this time around!

    We are also with CHI-I found your blog a few weeks ago. We are the family that got our court date this week (we're adopting a little guy that was a waiting child). Blessings to you as you continue on this crazy rollercoaster of international adoption!

  3. Hey, I saw on Kelly's Korner that you were a fundraising family. I wanted to let you know of a program we are offering to fundraising families through The Sparrow Fund ( that allows them to sell items like the ones on our fundraising Etsy site ( If you are interested in learning more about it, feel free to email me and I'll send the info along!

  4. Kort:
    I love this post and meant to comment sooner!I am so behind on commenting on others- there's just not iem! I love following your journey & I think the "thermometer" showing your goal on the front of the blog is perfect. Keep us posted. Miss you!