Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big news!

Last week I posted about being stressed out about a few different things with our adoption. One of the things was the approval of our home study by a lady who works for the Illinois government. If you remember, our case worker said it usually takes 4-6 weeks for this approval. So, I'm sure you can imagine how excited we were to find out yesterday that she already approved our home study! It was approved and back to our case worker in less than 10 days! We sent off our I-600 with our home study this morning to the USCIS. We should get our fingerprinting appointment date in a few weeks.
As some of you know, we sent out fundraising letters last week. We actually had to send out two different groups of them because we ran out of paper. The last bunch was sent out last week. We want to say thank you to the handful of people who have sent us financial support over the last few weeks. It means so much to us that you support us on this journey and that you are excited to help bring our baby boy home.
Since our letter asked for financial support, we thought it would be good to keep people updated on the financial side of the adoption. Jeremiah and I have already spent quite a bit of our savings on our adoption thus far. Today we sent out a check for $900 and next week we need to send out a check for $3,000 to CHI and another check for $2,000 to the Babyfold. In addition, when we get our referral (which we hope is in about 3 months but it could be longer) we will owe another $7,000. We know that God will provide, but it's just a little daunting to look at all of these upcoming costs.
God is totally in control of our adoption and it becomes more evident every day. We can't control this process, so I'm thankful that we know our God is in control!:)

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  1. Kortny: i love all of the updates on both of your blogs. Thank you for keeping us updated. Prayers that God provides for all of your needs!