Friday, June 24, 2011

What a great feeling!

June 20, 2011

As of this morning, our home inspection is done and so is all of our Babyfold paperwork for the home study! Yippee! We will have more paperwork to complete for Children's House International, but we are done with the local paperwork. We met with our case worker today and she took the last of our paperwork with her. She is going to finish our home study tomorrow and then e-mail it to us. We will look it over and then send it back with any changes that need to be made. Our case worker will then send it to CHI. Our case worker told us today that she hopes our background clearance only takes a few weeks. She has a couple who has been waiting for 3 months to get their results back. I hope we get our results back in a few weeks, so we can continue our process. After we get our background clearance and the home study is complete, we will send our I600 to the USCIS. They will contact us about getting our fingerprints in Indy or Naperville. I really hope this happens before school starts again! Our case worker will also send our home study to the woman in charge of the adoptions in Illinois. She has to say that our home study looks good and that we are fit to be parents of a child who is from Ethiopia. So, it'll still be awhile before our dossier is sent over to Ethiopia. I'm happy that we are done with our part of the home study! It's a big relief. :)

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