Friday, June 24, 2011

2nd Home Study Visit

June 6, 2011

We had our 2nd home visit today. Jeremiah and I cleaned our house last night and our case worker didn't look at it. I told him today that I'm glad she is coming over on a regular basis because it makes us clean our house!:) Our case worker is wonderful and I am so happy that we picked the Babyfold for our local home study. Our case worker interviewed us together, we did some paperwork, filled out a family tree, tested our water temperature, and then she interviewed each of us separately. We had to fill out two different documents (that took us 10+ hours each) a few weeks ago. I seriously gave her about 40+ pages about me. I felt kind of bad, but it definitely paid off. Today, she spent about 40 minutes interviewing Jeremiah and she only had to interview me for about 10 minutes!:) We have a bunch of paperwork to fill out over the next few weeks and she is going to write up a few more pages for our home study. We are going to get together after she finishes the paperwork. It was a calm and stress free meeting today. We turned in our International Adoption Application at the end of last week and we are waiting to hear from them. I hope to hear that we've been accepted soon.
I hope to update my blog on a regular basis this summer. I'm going to try to document everything that's going on with our adoption. It'll be neat to look back at this blog in a few years when we have our child in our arms. Here are a few things I need you to pray about:
1. Our child-I assume he is born or in his mother's womb right now. Pray that he is taken care of and loved on like we would love him.
2. Pray that our child stays healthy and his mom does too (if she's pregnant with him).
3. Pray that we can get the paperwork done for our local home study quickly and we can send if over to Ethiopia soon.
4. Pray for us as we start to think about fundraising for our adoption.
5. Pray that we can be patient throughout this process.
6. Pray for Olivia and the role she will take on as being a big sister.

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