Friday, June 24, 2011

First chunk of change...

June 15, 2011

Jeremiah and I sent off our Family Service Plan and the first big chunk of our agency fee. We also were given a password to see some of the "Waiting Children" at our agency's orphanage. These children are so darn sweet and I wanted to adopt every single one of them! All of the children were around 4 years old, so I think we are going to hold off on a waiting child. Right now, we are requesting a child who is 0-12 months old. Our minds may change as we get further into this process. I still feel like I want Olivia to be the oldest child in our family.
Jeremiah and I have started (for about a month now) brainstorming ideas for fundraising. I think we are going to start writing letters/getting things together next week. We also have our 3rd home study meeting on Monday, June 20. We have a few more papers to complete before Monday. I feel like the paperwork is never going to stop (and we are just beginning our International Agency paperwork). Our case worker is going to do our house inspection and also see how we interact with Olivia. Hopefully, Olivia is on her best behavior-ha!:) I am sure the visit will be great and I hope our case worker can tell how much we love Olivia (and will love our next child too).
Also, last week (6/13/11) we went to get fingerprinted for our adoption. We will go to Naperville to get fingerprinted later this summer, but this was for our local fingerprint/background check.

Here is a blog that I follow. I just thought some of you may want to read her blog. Her "Lucy Lane's Gotcha Day video" is so inspiring. I cry every time I watch it. I can't wait to hold my baby in my arms and kiss all over him (just like she did with Lucy!). Enjoy!

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