Friday, May 31, 2013

Requested info. was sent!

Yesterday the Embassy requested the phone number of the police officer who found Zeri. Our Ethiopia rep. sent his number to the Embassy today. The Embassy just needs to get ahold of the police officer and talk to him about when/where he found Zeri. If all of that goes smoothly then they should clear our case!

*Please pray that the Embassy can get ahold of the police officer quickly and the phone interview doesn't reveal any red flags.
*Please pray for our family. I read a blog post the other day and a mom talked about how this part in the adoption process is like being 9 months pregnant and ready to go into labor any second. We could get clearance on Monday (unlikely) or it could be months. You just never know and it's really tough to be patient/not stressed out! We can hop on a plane right after we receive clearance!!!!
*Please pray for our little Zerihun. He is going to leave the place he has known for many months and the nannies he loves. Please pray that he can attach to us and realize how much we love him.
*Please pray for Olivia. She is excited about Zerihun coming home, but I know (just like any older sibling) it will be a big transition to have a little brother in our house.

Thanks for your support! Hopefully the next time I blog it will be to announce our Embassy Clearance. This is THE LAST step before bringing Zeri home!!!:)

*Zerihun David Cox-you are worth the wait. Daddy, mommy, and Olivia can not wait to receive the e-mail saying that we have cleared Embassy. We've been waiting for this day for over 2 years and it's almost here! Yippee! We love you sweet boy!

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