Thursday, May 30, 2013

3rd e-mail from the Embassy

Yesterday we received a second e-mail saying that the first step in the Embassy process was complete. Today we received our third e-mail asking for a little more information from our agency. We get the e-mails in the early morning hours, so I am constantly waking up to check my e-mail throughout the night! We are praying that very soon we wake up to see that we have been cleared and can bring Zeri home! Can you pray this with me please?

I hope to post the last couple of days of our 1st trip to Ethiopia (yah..probably should do that before our 2nd trip, huh!?:)). Here are a few pics. to hold you over until I can post about our last few days.

This is what we saw when we looked out our Guest House window.

Another view from our Guest House.

Meeting our sweet Z for the first time!!

He doesn't know what to think of us!:)

Daddy holding Zeri for the first time.

Bless his sweet little heart!

We love you so much Zerihun David Cox!!!

I told you that I kissed his face quite a bit while we were there!

This is one of Z's nannies and he absolutely adores her! 

On another note...our little Livi girl is finished with her first year of pre-school! I was able to attend her end-of-the-year party and it was fabulous!

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