Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Two weeks ago we talked with our case worker and she said that we were number 5 on the list. The two referrals that were supposed to go out in July fell through. Today we got news that we are finally the glorious number 3!:) That wasn't even the best news we heard. She went on to tell us that she hopes to send out two more referrals within the week which means we will be number 1!!!!! We know that it may take awhile to move to number 1, but we are still thrilled with the idea that it could be very soon.

Please pray for...
-Our little boy wherever he is right now.
-Pray for his birth mother. Pray that she feels peace when she hands our baby over to the nannies. I've been crying tonight just thinking about his birth mom and the sacrifice she is making to give our baby a better life.

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