Sunday, October 9, 2011

No news...just a few pictures

I haven't posted news for a few weeks because nothing much has changed. We are still waiting to be matched with our baby boy. It could take up to 9 months (but we are praying that is closer to the 3 month wait period) to be matched with a child. Please continue to pray for our baby boy. Olivia asks me this daily, "Mommy..when my baby brother coming home?" Poor girl! She can't wait to love on him (and neither can his mommy and daddy!!). We know God is in control and will match us with the perfect child for our family.
I've been meaning to post pictures from our journey thus far, but I just haven't had time. Here are some pictures from our adoption journey (starting in May).

May, 2011-Filling out our homestudy documents.

-More paperwork

This is the picture we used with our dossier paperwork.

Our paperwork is ready to send off to the state of Illinois for approval.

These are some of the documents for our dossier.

Waiting to send off our dossier...she really is excited to bring her baby brother home!

September 13, 2011-We sent off our dossier to the Assistant Stork. Doesn't Olivia look thrilled here?:) These were the best pictures of our family. We want our little guy to know that we all went together to send off these papers. We can't wait to become a family of 4!

October 9, 2011-It's been about two weeks since our caseworker received our dossier (and a little over a week since it was sent to Ethiopia). We are going to try to take pictures every couple of weeks so that our baby boy can see how long we were waiting for him.

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