Saturday, August 13, 2011

Paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork!

This morning Jeremiah and I spent a little over two hours filling out paperwork for our dossier. We were able to complete all of the documents (we had already completed numerous documents before this morning) and then took them to get notarized at the bank. This is a huge weight lifted off of our shoulders. We are going to send all of these documents to our case worker this week. She will review our documents and let us know if we need to make changes. There are 20+ documents that we have filled out for the dossier. Each document has strict guidelines and our dossier will be sent back if we don't follow these rules.
The reason why we were so excited about getting our fingerprinting appointment yesterday was because this appointment is the last big step before we send our dossier to Ethiopia. Once we receive our results, we can finish up our dossier paperwork. One of us will take the final two dossier documents to Springfield to get them notarized. After that, we will send our dossier to Ethiopia.
We want to make sure that everything is done before we get our results back so that we can send our dossier over as soon as possible.

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