Thursday, June 6, 2013

Olivia's first dance recital

  This past weekend we had Olivia's first dance recital. She had a rehearsal on Friday night and two performances on Saturday. Olivia can be very shy, but she absolutely loved being on stage. Seriously..she kept asking if she could go on again. They turned the lights off when they little girls walked out on stage and when the lights turned on Olivia had a huge grin on her face. It didn't go away the entire time she performed. While we watched the other performances Olivia stood up, danced, and clapped. We left after her performance, but she begged me to watch the rest of the dances. My parents and sisters came to the Saturday evening performance. It was so neat to watch Olivia up on stage because I used to dance when I was younger.

Tara was Olivia's dance teacher. I coached Tara's cheerleading squad when I first started teaching in Mahomet. 

Brooklyn and Olivia

We love our girl!

She was trying so hard to make me laugh with her funny expressions-it worked!

Olivia's first dance class

Olivia, Aunt Kacy, Mimi, Bapa, and Aunt Kelsy

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